What you will find on this site

  • A Professional Development Framework section showing BCE purpose, aims and drivers, the landscape and 16 key Processes relevant to a BCE professional.
  • A Resource Finder section dealing with the professional development resources relevant for each BCE Process. Each Process is underpinned by Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. These have been grouped to form Professional Attributes. Each Professional Attribute links to relevant resources which can be maintained by registered users.
  • A Self-Diagnosis section where registered users can explore their BCE standing in each of the 16 key Processes. Information is provided within the Resource Section which shows the Professional Attributes and the Knowledge Skills and Behaviours relevant to a Process
  • The Site results from a partnership between Jisc and AURIL. Many who are active in Business and Community Engagement have provided the content. We believe the information presented here is informed by practice and is highly contemporary.

BCE: 4 Overlapping Strategic Dimensions

BCE - 4 strategic dimensions


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